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Hiraeth beckons with wordless call,
Hear, my soul, with heart enthrall’d.

Hiraeth whispers while earth I roam;
Here I wait the call “come home.”
Like seagull cry, like sea borne wind,
That speak with words beyond my ken,
A longing deep with words unsaid,
Calls a wanderer home instead.

©Tim Davis, 2007

I lived in Brynmawr at the Head of the Valleys for 17 years. On a Sunday morning I walked over the mountains, across fields and down valleys with my father and brother. The memories, associations and traces of the history of a place – geological or man-made – remain with me. The rugged Welsh landscape I remember from my childhood has been destroyed, renovated and transformed throughout my lifetime: it leaves me wishing to uncover, delve and reveal my thoughts and memories through painting.

In those mountains, ancient rocks, beeches and oaks, the gushing waterfalls and dramatic weather and rushing tides, there is something about lineage and layers: a true source material which speaks of elemental cycles of birth, growth, deterioration and death. In my painting I seek to evoke these memories, looking for poetic rhythms and echoes to make resonant statements.

Certain elements are always important and evident in my work: emotive spirit, a sense of passing time and of memory connecting with our deepest thoughts. I’m naturally concerned with composition, decomposition, colour and form. I like there to be a rhythm and depth in the painting style which draws your eyes across the surface and excites the mind, translating the energy of the subject through the physicality of mark making, gestures and colour. I aim to retain a freshness that creates openness and provokes questions.


My early years were spent in South Wales, where the landscape and people made a great impression on my visual memory. It was an unstable world: grimy steel industry, pit closures, accidents and the threat of the Cold War. Overwhelming natural beauty and a pitiless, wind-and-rain-scoured grandeur formed the context of my early life.

My paintings don’t seek to be a representation. The image is drawn from the inconsistency of memory and the limits of imagination. The elusive world within memory is where particles of life disperse and cluster: a world where time is understood not as a linear narrative, but rather as a simultaneous bombardment of sensory perceptions. For me, what is particular to painting – for example: time taken, layering, the evidence of the body which made the marks – is the form of mediation which makes possible an investigation of the affective aspects of these issues, in clear dialogue with the theoretical.

For me, it’s not possible to separate the manner of the technique from the emotional impact I want to project through the content of my work. My interest is in the convergence of the figurative and the abstract, and in evoking a feeling from the past through the painting process.


  • MA Fine Art, Middlesex University
  • BA Fine Art, Byam Shaw, London
  • Foundation, Bournville, Birmingham



  • Sept 2020 – Selected Group: “Hidden Nature”, Easterly Artists virtual exhibition
  • May 2020 – Selected Group: “In Isolation”, Easterly Artists virtual exhibition
  • Sept-Oct 2019 – Selected Group: “People Power”, Easterly Artists pop-up gallery, Lowestoft
  • April-May 2018 – Selected Group: Easterly Artists pop-up gallery, Britten Centre, Lowestoft
  • Feb-March 2019 – Selected Group: “Change”, Fisher Gallery, Bungay
  • Dec 2017 – Selected Group: The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk
  • March 2016 – Selected Group: “Breath of Nature”, Boundary Art, Cardiff
  • Sept–Nov 2016 – Selected Group: “Autumn”, Boundary Arts, Cardiff Bay
  • July 2015 – Selected Group: “Summer Show”, Abergavenny Art Shop & Gallery
  • March–May 2015 – Selected Group: “Breath of Nature”, Boundary Arts, Cardiff Bay
  • April 2015 – Selected Group: “Y Not”, Espacio Gallery, London E2
  • Nov 2014-Jan 2015 – Selected Group: “Borders”, Bernard Weatheril House, Croydon
  • Oct 2013-Dec 2014 – Selected Group: Brynmawr Heritage Festival, Wales
  • June 2013 – Selected Group: “Feminist Times”, Online
  • March 2012 – Selected Group: “It Is Green”, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner St, London E2
  • July 2011 – Selected Group: “Oh Open”, People & Portraiture, Bethnal Green
  • June 2011 – Selected Group: Show curated by June Frickleton, Kings Hill, Kent
  • March 2010 – Selected Group: “BRICK”, The Gallery in Redchurch Street,
  • August 2009 – Selected: Cork Street Open, Cork Street, London W1
  • May 2009 – Selected Group: “CRAC”, Hackney Empire, London E8
  • June 2008 – Selected Group: Show curated by June Frickleton, DMH, London
  • April 2008 – Selected: “Artandaid”, Red Cross Exhibition, The Hague
  • July 2007 – Selected: “Barnet Open”, Artsdepot, London N12
  • March 2007 – Selected Group: “New Art”, Birmingham
  • March 2007 – Selected Group: “Women’s Work”, Arts Centre, Basingstoke
  • February 2007 – Selected Group: Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth


  • March 2020 – “Pit Girls – Forgotten Women”, Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, Merthyr Tydfil
  • Oct 2014-Jan 2016 – “Landscape and Memory”, London Psychotherapy Centre, London
  • July-August 2010 – “Sanctuary”, Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London
  • Sept 2009 – “Figures in a World”, London Psychotherapy Centre, London
  • Oct-Dec 2008 – “Change”, Cloisters, Pump Court, Inner Temple, London
  • April 2007 – “What Lies Beneath”, Pittstudio & Gallery, Worcester


  • Nov 2007-15 – Chocolate Factory Open Studio, London
  • June 2017-19 – Suffolk Open Studios, Kessingland